Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

So, this week is Spring Break for the kids...the weather started out Monday being nasty and cold, rainy, but today, Wednesday, its supposed to get up to the 70's....thank goodness!! I am so ready for nice weather and the kids are too. Paetyn had gymnastics last week and she was moved up another level...she has only been in gymnastics since last June (8 months) and she has moved up 5 levels already! We are so proud of her...her teacher told me the other night that she has talent....we are going to see about letting her try out for the gymnastics team for next year. I told her she wouldn't be able to do dance and gymnastics both and she said 'thats ok'....didn't seem to bother her a bit! I'm glad that Khloe will still be in dance, cuz i don't know that i could have NO one in dance! lol I'm so used to having at least one girl in dance for the past 18 years i don't know what i'll do when i don't have a daughter in dance..maybe i'll have a granddaughter in it by that time! Paetyn starts softball tonite....she is nervous but i think she'll do fine. She's been in tball since she was 3, so she's definitely ready for a change. Plus she is on her best friend Audrey's team, so she is excited about that. I realized the other nite that at this time right now, she is in gymnastics, dance, softball and soccer all at the same time! Thats a lot for a 6 year old....but soccer will be over soon, and dance right after.
We found a new soccer team for Tanner and he is excited about it. He is on a team with other boys his age that he goes to school with, and his coach seems to know what he is doing, which is a plus. He started practice last week.
Dealing with some things with Braden...nothing new, but how we handled it is new, and i just hope we did the right thing. We'll see i guess, only time will tell. I just don't know what will happen if he doesn't change his ways soon. Maybe this will be the wake up call he needs....i just don't know if i believe that or not. Its hard to trust when your trust has been broken so many times.
Going shopping with Jess on Friday...i sooo need it! Always fun to go shopping with her, we never seem to run out of stuff to talk about. We are going to Hollo's for cardstock, then probably to Hobby Lobby and Archivers..havent been to HL and Hollos in a very long time....looking forward to it!
Have a great Wednesday!!

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