Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mama i need glasses...

Paetyn has been obsessed lately with thinking she needs glasses. She said 'i can't read this' or 'i can't see this'..so when i held up a paper for her to read then she said 'mama, i can't read'!! lol So one day when Brad and i were out, we found a pair of reading glasses for .59!! Well since i'm ALWAYS losing mine, i decided to grab a pair...and he said 'why don't we get a pair for Paety also'...so we did......and you LOVE them!! You ask if you can wear them to school, to gymnastics, everywhere we go. We don't let you wear them to school or gymnastics, but you do get to wear them to the grocery store or other places...oh and yes..we took the lenses out, didn't want you to REALLY have to need glasses!  I do have to admit you look awfully cute in them!!


  1. ha wow mom... mb u scrap too much? you started in normal blog style, talking to us, the reader... then u switched to 'you' referring to Paetyn like scrapbook journaling! lol u nut

  2. lol oh my gosh, i sure did!! thanks for pointing it out to me!!