Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 days til shes 10

My middle girly will be 10 in 10 where has the time gone?!

10 things Khloe likes (according to her)

1. Dance
2. Cats
3. Junie B. Jones books
4. Mexican food
5. Christmas
6. Church
7. Dress up
8. playing school
9. scrapbooking
10. her mom!

10 facts about Khloe (according to me)

1. She can throw a temper tantrum within seconds
2. She is one of the sweetest girls i know
3. She's beautiful...but doesn't know it
4. She almost always gives in to her sister or brother
5. She loves to spend time alone with her mama
6. She HATES to study for anything
7. She is very very girly...loves fashion, fingernail polish, and lotions...but hates to comb her hair!!
8. She is my very best room cleaner..even though she hates to do it!
9. She is a big eater, even though she is no bigger than a flea
10.She says she is gonna work at Starbucks (to get her mama free frapps) and be a massage therapist (to give me free massages!)

Favorite food: pizza
Least favorite food: green olives
Favorite drink: root beer float
Least favorite drink: Harvest surprise veggie juice
Favorite tv show: ICarly
Least favorite tv show: Back at the Barnyard
Favorite movie: The Little Princess (shirley temple)
Least favorite movie: GI Joe
Favorite book: Little Women
Least favorite book: she doesn't usually read books she doesn't like
Favorite color: Purple
Least favorite color: Black
Favorite day of the week: Sunday
Least favorite day of the week: Monday
Favorite class: Reading
Least favorite class: Math
Favorite band or singer: Hannah Montana
Least favorite band or singer: Adam Lambert and David Archuleta
Favorite State: Kansas (cuz she'd rather live there and gramma lives there)
Least favorite State: Indiana..(cuz it takes too long to go through!)
Favorite clothes to wear: dress or skirt
Least favorite clothes to wear: Clothes that are too small


  1. haha I rly think she only hates Adam Lambert and David Archuleta cuz Tann likes them so much

  2. actually Tanner only likes Adam Lambert...Braden likes David A!