Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sick boy

Today Tanner is home started last nite with him puking all over his floor in his room. I heard Tif screaming 'mom, mom' and i go into his room to see what the heck is going on and all i see is a big pile of puke on his floor...the good mom should have said 'oh my goodness' and run in to see how he was doing...but who ever said i was the 'good mom'?! Instead all i could think was oh my gosh, why didn't he get to the bathroom instead of standing there puking all over the carpet? So while Tif gagged stayed in the bathroom with him, i gagged cleaned up the carpet. I had a towel wrapped around my face so i couldn't smell it, but it didn't work too well. All i could think was 'what the heck did he eat that was ORANGE'??? So after we got him and the room and the bed cleaned up, i changed his sheets and he went back to bed. I told him if he had to get up again, to please try to make it to the bathroom....don't stand and puke on your floor. And what did he say? 'I just didn't want to spread it clear across the room'! Yea, i felt like crap, like the bad mom that i was being. I hate that i am not very sympathetic to sick kids...i can be sympathetic when they are little, but as they get older, i just am not that sypmathetic. i don't know why really. Then he started crying and that just gets me..and not in a good way either. Tanner wears his emotions on his sleeve, and when he cries (which he does ALL the time) its hard for me to tolerate. So, i left the room....i know i need to work on this, i know i need to be more patient....i know i need to ask God to help me with this. Maybe that should be one of my resolutions this year....ask God for help more, and not be so quick to be harsh.

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