Monday, January 18, 2010


Outside My Window
its cold and gloomy and rainy

I am listening to
the kids playing/fighting on the Wii

I am wearing
pj pants and a tshirt

I am thankful for
so many things this week:
1. Brad went back to work this week (after 6months of being laid off)
2. Church was great yesterday
3.No school for the kids today so we got to sleep in
4. My mom is back home after being in Florida for a week..i missed her!
5. An awesome husband.

I am pondering
what i should eat for lunch

I am reading
The 4th Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead to the World....LOVE my vampire books!

From the kitchen
Guess it will be chicken tonite...with Brad on days for a while, this means the dinner duty falls back to me...i really don't like cooking dinner..:( and he is so much better at it!

I am thinking
about scrapbooking today...i have some page packets ready, so think i will start during lunch

I am creating
scrapbooks for my kids.

On my ipod
hmmm, no ipod here....yea i'm still stuck in the 90's apparently! lol

I am hoping and praying
for lots of things...for things to get better around here, for me to figure out how to do the right thing, for the people in Haiti, for my kids to stay well

Around the house
Need to clean the living room, but i don't want to...prob should unload and load the dishwasher..but i don't want to....notice the pattern here??

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