Monday, January 11, 2010

Ten Tales from Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago it was the year 2000, and i was 34 years old and...

1. Tif and I had survived the Y2K scare after worrying all nite long on New years eve if everything would just shut down!
2. In February, the little girl that we would adopt in 3 years was born...but we didn't know her and had NO idea that we would even be thinking of adopting.
3.In May, we went to a fertility specialist to see why i couldn't maintain a pregnancy...and found out i was pregnant...only to end up having another (my 3rd) miscarriage by June.
4. Tif started 7th grade in August and got contacts this year
5. Brad started a new job at Timken, working in maintenance. I sent his resume in, becuase we were tired of all the stuff going on at United States Ceramics (where he had been for 16 years). Turned out to be a good decision, becuase a few years later they would go out of business.
6. I was the Director at a child care center in West Lafayette, making 9.50/ was my first Director's job and i really liked it..just hated the 30 minute drive one way to get there.
7. George W. Bush won the presidential nomination against Al Gore...we were very upset, because we felt like it was all 'fixed' since he didn't win the most popular votes in the country.
8.Brandon turned 8 and started 2nd grade
9. Bow hunting is a big thing in our house..and this was the year that Brad taught Tif how to shoot a bow..and she was really pretty good at it! However, things quickly changed when she discovered other interests (boys!) and she quit wanting to shoot with him.
10. We started going to church at Dennison Four Square and re established our relationship with Jesus Christ. This completely changed our lives for the better.


  1. makin stuff up again... I quit shooting bc shoots were on Saturdays & so was dance... DANCE - not boys, geesh!

  2. oh yea forgot about that...but you also started liking i didnt make anything up!